How to Upgrade Your Headlights With Brighter Headlight Bulbs

If your car is fitted with the standard halogen headlight bulbs you will probably already know how dull and weak the light they produce looks, especially when compared to the very latest HID xenon bulbs (High Intensity Discharge), that seem to produce a really powerful beam of light that appears to have a blue halo of light around them.

The weak, yellow light that is emitted by ordinary halogen bulbs not only make your vehicle appear old but can also make night driving more tiring and stressful, especially on dark or unilluminated roads, where you have to strain your eyes to pick out which direction the road is heading and to spot any potential hazards.

Fortunately there is a quick an easy way to improve the light output from your headlights and that is by fitting a pair of upgrade headlight bulbs, and importantly they are totally road legal so you won't have to worry about them invalidating your motor insurance or leading to being pulled over by the traffic Police.

How Much More Light Do Xenon Headlight Bulbs Produce?

In the last few years the technology and design of xenon bulbs has significantly improved.  Originally the very best of the xenon bulbs on offer could only improve the total light output from your headlights by fifty percent, and whilst that was a respectable improvement there was still room for further developments.

Now, the latest generation of xenon bulbs have been tested to prove that they almost double the light output from your headlights, and they also stretch your headlight beam out by around thirty meters so that it can reach much further into the night and give you a better advanced warning about the road ahead.

The level of improvement that xenon headlight bulbs can achieve from your headlights will vary depending on which type of xenon bulbs you buy but also on the quality of halogen headlight bulbs that are currently fitted to your vehicle.  As a general rule the older your halogen bulbs are the more significant the improvement and the night time results that you can expect to achieve.   

How Can I Find Out Which Type of Headlight Bulbs Are Fitted to My Car?

In an ideal world there would only be one type of headlight bulb which would fit all makes and models.  However, sadly this is not the case and car bulbs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to enable them to fit the design and performance specifications of a vehicle manufacturer.

The most popular headlight bulbs are the H1, H4 and H7 bulbs and typically it will be one of these bulbs that is fitted to your car.  However before you buy your new upgrade xenon headlight bulbs it is a good idea to check exactly which type of bulbs are fitted to your headlights, and there are several ways to do this.

Normally the owners manual which comes with your car is the best way to find out which bulbs you have fitted, and it should list all your car bulbs and locations.  Alternatively you can use an on-line search tool which many of the internet car bulb retailers include with their sites, just type "Car Bulbs Finder" into Google to find one.The final way to see which bulbs you need is to to take out your existing car headlight bulbs, and you should find that its make and model type will be written on the base.

Once you have discovered which type of headlight bulbs are fitted to your vehicle you can then begin to decide which one of the wide range upgrade xenon bulbs is best suited to your driving requirements and will also achieve the night time look you are looking for.